for growth.

As a platform, we introduce a new perspective, a new way of thinking and working. We bring together the specialist skills, cultures and identities of strong award winning agency brands in one single platform, organised around a common goal and shared believe to deliver maximum growth and business results for our clients.

Your performance is our focus.

We create technology-infused, data-inspired and creative-driven marketing solutions, producing great results and maximum performance for our clients. As a platform of strong, independent specialised agencies we offer a full set of media, creative and digital agencies providing creative solutions for every phase of the marketing funnel:

Candid creative
& consulting agencies

Brand & Campaign Strategy Concept Design & Studio Packaging
Visual identity Production & Development
  • Millford is the link between brands and people. Helping brands matter and be relevant. Using brainpower and creativity to truly reach people. Millford uses effective communication and excellent design to bring out the best in brands.
  • XXS Amsterdam unleashes Creative Capital. To drive brand and business growth for brands that need the independent and original thinking of a creative agency and the power to execute and implement brand direction on all relevant touchpoints.
  • Cogonez is a creative, strategic and innovative agency. We love technology, QR, Augmented Reality and connecting online with offline.
  • Coopr is an integrated PR agency with Public Relations, Corporate Communications and Content Marketing at its heart. Coopr is a well-known player with an incredible track record in the PR industry since 2009.

    Candid digital
    specialist services

    Data & Analytics Performance Management Digital Consultancy Campaigns
    Social Strategy & Concept Content & Campaign Reporting & Optimisation
    • Digital Creative Agency with expertise in every touchpoint of the digital customer journey, delivering effective digital communication, fuelled by knowledge and experience in strategy, creation, production and optimisation.
    • With its strong social media roots daily dialogues has become perhaps the best automated digital agency in the Netherlands.
    • Performance-driven media management & consultancy agency with a proven track record when it comes to maximising the digital performance of triple A (inter) national clients.

      Candid media
      investment management

      Insights Media Strategy Planning & Buying
      Media Direction & Management
      • M2Media’s strategic, executional and buying power supports its customers to deal with the complex world of media and, more importantly, supports them to boost the performance of their brands.
      • STROOM is a full-service media agency with energy for growth. By taking an integrated approach to media and communication STROOM offers the most effective the most effective media advice.
        Voted best full-service media agency in the Netherlands for 3 consecutive years.
      • BBK Media is the media agency for the cultural sector. We know the marketing needs of museums, theatres, orchestras and charities like no other.


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        Be Candid,
        it’s contagious.

        Candidness is the quality of speaking with
        honesty and authenticity. Our Candid editorial
        team shares stories that matter on media, data,
        marketing, creativeness and technology.

        Our Candid editorial team
        creates stories that matter.