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Positive Netherlands adds Creative Video Agency Session One to portfolio


Digital agency Positive, part of Candid platform, is adding the activities of Dutch video specialist Session One to its services. The cooperation applies to Positive's Dutch unit. Timothy Wormhoudt, owner and founder of Session One, will become lead producer & senior creative supporting the Positive Netherlands team.

Positive Netherlands, formed in 2022 after the merger between Daily Dialogues and Havana Harbor (both already part of Candid Platform), positions itself as a digital-first brand builder. The agency helps brands transition from a marcom strategy based on traditional media channels to one in which digital is central. As such, Positive Netherlands helps brands set up and manage their total digital eco system. From website to digital advertising. Clients include B2C brands like Pearle, Makro, Yakult, Shell, Unibet and Blokker, as well as international B2B brands like ICL Group, NuScale and Rexnord.

Session One is a creative video agency specialised in all forms of creative production. Video, Animation and illustration are among its range of services, as well as creative concepting. The agency currently serves clients such as Bakerstreet, Conscious Hotels, Getir and various Festivals.

With the collaboration, both companies hope to achieve growth and synergy. Timothy Wormhoudt: "As video makers, we are moving in a rapidly developing digital landscape where the focus is increasingly shifting to digital video formats. The disciplines of both companies reinforce each other, thus responding to technological developments as well as the wishes of customers of both companies. Together we are stronger".

Sjef Kerkhofs, Managing Director of Positive Netherlands and partner at Candid: "While technology such as AI can greatly simplify the operational side of our work, we see more and more brands struggling to produce their 'core content'. Put another way, the content that serves as input/food for AI technology. Think photography and video, for example. By collaborating with Session One, we are adding even more power to our creative and production capabilities. In doing so, we are further building on our desired positioning as a digital-first brand builder."

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