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Child poverty campaign reaches great heights at Piccadilly Circus


The spot-on campaign 'Ímagine' created to draw attention against child poverty in UK, has already picked up several awards. On top of that the campaign is being displayed on Piccadilly Circus as a reward for winning at the Big Syn International Film Festival. The multichannel campaign across TV, Print, OOH, Digital, and Social was created by Creature London for Child Poverty Action Group, a lobbying group that campaigns to end poverty for the 4million children in the UK living below poverty line.  

Dan Cullen-Shute: 'It's also hopefully just the first salvo of an ongoing campaign - starting with food poverty, and gradually broadening the targets. Above all, let's continue to draw attention for this important issue.'

About the campaign

Child Poverty Action Group works on behalf of the more than 1 in 4 children growing up in poverty in the UK today. They work tirelessly to understand the root causes and create change for the millions of children who are going without basics and missing out on the magic of childhood. With the recent cost-of-living crisis, this issue has only been exacerbated. But child poverty doesn't have to exist; it is an economic problem that can be solved by our government. The campaign aims to raise awareness about rising child poverty levels in the UK and the impact poverty has on children, as well as to place additional pressure on the UK's leaders to implement policies that could change millions of children's lives.

'Imagine' is a multichannel campaign across TV, Print, OOH, Digital, and Social that brings the shocking realities of child poverty to life. Inspired by the insight that children have been turning up to school with empty lunchboxes and then going through the pantomime of eating to avoid feelings of social embarrassment and isolation, the film, directed by Adam Berg, takes us on a fantastical journey with our hero through a school lunch hall. However, instead of lunchboxes with simple sandwiches and apples, we see mountains of fruit, endless popcorn, and doughnuts appearing like magic, all set to the iconic song 'Food, Glorious Food.' However, as our hero sits down and opens his lunchbox, instead of another incredible food surprise, we see him pretending to eat a banana as the scene changes, and he is now sitting alone.

More information about the campaign can be found at Creature London


Shark Kinsale Awards
Won Bronze for Use of Music

Won TV creativity awards

CDA Awards
Won Best Casting


Campaign BIG Awards

Shortlisted in Charity

Shots Awards
Shortlisted in Charity and Use of Music

Ciclope Awards
Shortlisted for Adapted Music

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