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Be Candid,
it’s contagious!

We are growing fast and our agencies are continuously on the lookout for talent. Are you searching for a new opportunity to fully reach your potential? We have an open stance towards possibilities. And an optimistic attitude towards problems. Any challenge accepted becomes an adventure. Check out our job opportunities or send us an email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for any inquiries.

Our Culture
of Candor.

At Candid we want everyone to feel they can be open, honest and straightforward. We encourage being frank and truthful and support speaking with honesty, authenticity and directness. Our mantra for creating a truly integrated candid agency platform are the inspiring words by Amos Alcott: “A candid spirit is mightier than the most persistent dogmatism”.

I love working with mutiple agencies, characters and cultures. My colleagues are creative, energetic and open minded. Everyone is open to learn. That’s how we build Candid together.

Tess Aertsen

I can really identify with the entrepreneurial spirit that lives within Havana Harbor and Candid. Everyone is open to new ideas, methods and experiences.

Joep Janse - Account Director Havana Harbor

Be Candid,
it’s contagious.

Candidness is the quality of speaking with
honesty and authenticity. Our Candid editorial
team shares stories that matter on media, data,
marketing, creativeness and technology.

Our Candid editorial team
creates stories that matter.